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1 . How many days may I leave my luggage in your storage ?

You can leave your luggage at our storage for all the days you need, there is no time limit.


2 . How much does storage cost ?

The first 2 days you will pay 4 Euro per day from the third day 3 Euros per day.

We will make same example: you pay 8 Euros for 2 days.

For 3 days you will pay: 4 Euro on the first day, 4 Euros the second and 3 Euros the third, for a total of 11 Euros.

If you leave your luggage for more than 10 days you will pay 3 Euros for each day of storage.

It’s easy !!

You only have to multiply 3 Euros per day of storage you want.


3. Storage Opening Hours

Our storage is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm, every day, including holidays.


4. Storage by night

If you need to storage your luggage during the night you have to send us an email indicating time of delivery  and the time of pick-up.

Remember that for each pickup or delivery by night you will have to pay a surcharge of 10 Euros per luggage.

For example: if you want to leave your luggage at 10pm and pick it up at 5am you will pay twice the supplement by night, so a luggage will cost you  24 Euros.


5. Luggage Storage Reservation

If you only have to live your luggage at our storage you don’t need to book.

You can come during opening hours: from 8am to 8pm.

If you want to save time, you can still book and our operators will be waiting for you with storage document ready and you will leave your luggage in a very short while.


6. Luggage Transport Reservation

For all our transport services reservation is required. You can book  by email or filling our online form, on our website.

You will need to provide the following deita:

Name - Phone – Pick up place, Date and Time – Delivery Place, Date and Time.

Please note that:  reservations must be made no later than one day prior to the requested service.


7. Booking Time

You have to book the transport service within the day before.

Earlier you book better is for you!

Our vans are not infinite, so, those who book first will receive our service at time requested.

For example: if more people are booking for our service at 9am those who have booked first will receive our service at 9am, to the others we will indicate an alternative time, cause all vans are already booked.


8. Meeting Point at the Airport

For deliveries in airports or at train stations we have fixed Meeting Point.

When you will book, our operators will send you an email with the operator’s personal phone, with a map and with  instructions to get to our Meeting Point.

They are very easy to reach, that’s why we have chosen them!

If you need any help, you may contact the operator waiting for you at the Meeting Point.


9. Meeting Point at the Port

To collect your luggage at the port you will find our operator on the dock next to the ship.

In the case of deliveries, it will be even simpler: you will find your luggage in your cabin!

Always remember: in your booking you have to give us of your ship name and cabin number.


10. Can I give you my luggage at my arrival at the Airport and collect it at my Apartment in the afternoon ?

Of course, enjoy your holiday … we will take care of your luggage!

We will collect your luggage when you will arrive at the airport, and we will delivery them to your apartment or Hotel.

When you will book our service, remember to give us your flight number.

In this way, our operators will be able to check for any delays, and will wait for you at the Meeting Point until your arrival.


11. Payment of  the service

You will always pay our service at delivery time.

There is only one exception:

when we deliver your luggage to cruise ships, or when we have to deliver in hotels or apartments without your presence.

Not being able to meet you at delivery time, of course, in those cases, you have to pay at pick-up time.


12. Can I book your service by phone ?

No !

You can book our service only with email, or filling the online form in our website or with a private message on facebook.

The phone is a number just for information and those who respond are not authorized to make reservations.

Our phone works every day from 8am to 8pm.


13. Booking confirmation

Our booking office answers every day, including holidays, from 8am to 8pm.

If you send a message, or an email or you fill our online form during night, our administration will be able to read your message  next morning.

Our operators will see if they can satisfy your request, depending on bookings already received before your reservation.

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